CodeWiz is an all-in-one board that can complete software, AI, IoT, and Maker education on one board. CodeWiz includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and various sensors making it a perfect educational board for convergence education projects.

Features of CodeWiz

  • Various colors and images learing with OLED and Neo Pixel
  • Spatial learing with a distance sensor and 3 axis sensor
  • Sensory learning with MIC sensor and buzzer for sound input/output
  • Excellent expandability with 6 touch sensors and 2 button sensors.
  • Simple brushless motor control and LED control using digital output.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection available.
  • Light sensor, hall sensor, and temperature sensor are all built into one board, so you can focus on software training without configuring complex circuits every time.

CodeWiz Specification

Xtensa dual-core LX6 microprocessor
(Clock Speed: 240MHz)
[Communication Interface]
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, micro-USB, I2C
[Onboard Memory]
Flash: 440K
RAM: 520K
[Expanded Memory]
SPI Flash: 4MB
[Onboard Components]
5 Neo-Pixel
Light Sensor
3-Aixis Gyro-Sensor
2 Button
6 Touch Sensors (I/O Pins)
Distance Sensor
0.96Inch Mono OLED
Passive Buzzer
[Operating Voltage & Dimensions]
3.3V 55mm by 55mm

Various Extensions

Using the extension connector on the back of CodeWiz, you can connect to more than 100 different extensions.

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It is a contents-based LMS CoGym service specialized for online untact SW education. You can learn Entry, Scratch, Arduino, and Python coding using the provided content. Source sharing between teachers and students is essential!

CODEino Making Kit

A science link kit has been released that allows you to understand the principles of science and make it in connection with coding. Additional kits will also be released continuously.

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The world we dream of

The world that CODABLE dreams of is to create positive energy with everything in the world through software education. We want to run a campaign where people understand people and create various products and services within the scope of that understanding.